New year. Classic me.

Think back to your childhood. How many times do you think your father woke up on January first, or second, or third, and said, “That’s it. New Year. New Me.” Then he drove to Sears and bought some free weights. Maybe he stopped at JC Penney and grabbed a new pair of athletic shorts touting the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. When he got home, he dropped the needle on side two of Physical Graffiti and the tell-tale riffs of Kashmir ripped through the speakers announcing daddy’s inaugural workout.  

You know Pops never stuck to that routine and those shorts got embarrassing real fast. And that’s where he fucked up. You can’t take something old, in this case Led Zeppelin, and make it part of something new. That’s why a classic rock station can play two-for-Tuesdays of Led Zeppelin and Eric Clapton all day, and everyone else just listens to podcasts. If it’s a classic, let it live in the world of classics. Don’t try to throw a new patch over an airbrushed wizard and call it a new jean jacket.

Maybe if he had been pumping early INXS your dad would be one of those weird, old man bodybuilders to this day.

It’s with that mindset that we present another week of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Classics at Tracks. These aren’t brand new questions, but I can assure you they are all rock fucking solid. It’s just the hits. There will be food. There will be seemingly unending drinks. There will be Celebrity Guest Host Andy Berg. And all that makes for a really good time. Then again, there are no bad times at Tracks.

Just imagine, if your Father had woken up on that January day so many years ago, said to himself, “That’s it. New year. Classic me” picked up a bag of questionable weed, a sixer of Schlitz, and spent the day hanging out by a lake. Zeppelin coming through the Blaupunkt car stereo speakers. I am 100% certain that routine would continue to this day. That’s the power of Classics.

So, if this sounds like something you might be into, I suggest you find yourself at Tracks Tonight. We’ll be in the back room and show starts at 7pm.

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