Night of the Living Drink Tickets

As we embark on another week of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia, I think it’s important we first reflect on the last Glass Nickel show.

We’re hyped to have a few new teams in the fold to shake up the scene, and in time I expect to see nothing but killer scores from them. That said, last Thursday wasn’t the right show for that.

Sure, the perennial crushers on Neal of Fortune have been down for a few weeks. Last week they only put up 36 points, and for the first time in like a decade they slipped from the top spot in the league. Clever Girl, another stalwart team, saved their double for round 10 and was bitten by the rabid beast of Bob’s Burgers burger puns, leaving them with only 42 points. Fish Ladies continued to climb the fish ladder and put up 47, only to be bested by Good Enough, our other new-ish team, who scored 48.

Then it became all about the drink tickets. Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs dropped 17 drink tickets, or dickets as they prefer to call them, and ended the night with 79 points. Team Crunk Tickets got super cocky with their drinking skills and dropped a stash of 56 tickets, giving them 99 points. However, after a bit of coaxing, 100 Spoons of Barditude opted to play four drink tickets and attempted to play a napkin wrapper (which they claimed was three tickets), which bumped their 96 points to 100 and gave them the win. That also puts them atop the league with 25 points at midseason.

It’s sure to be another hot one this week as we start off tonight at Company Brewing. If you think you’ve got what it takes to step in a crush a few teams, I suggest you get there. I’m also going to suggest you take a few minutes and learn a something about FLOTUSes, Cheeses and Marty Robbin’s classic jam, Big Iron.

Once you’ve got those on lock and you’ve put a team together, you need to find your way to Company Brewing. You can have a few drinks, perhaps a bite to eat, listen to the dulcette tones of Nick on the microphone and maybe even walk away the winner. All you have to do is show up tonight at 7pm.

See you there.

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