Number Eight Seed, But Number One in Our Hearts

The more you know badger

The good news is, the brutality that was trivia this week is done. The bad news is, it never gets any easier. And that’s not to say all the teams didn’t didn’t lay it on the line this week. Sure no one did well, and Madison had some particularly poor scores, and I think this is what homeschooled kids call “a teachable moment”. I have no idea what was learned, but it sounds better than, “Eff this whole mess”.

Let’s recount the massacre. Bitch Planet walked in, tossed up 27 points and opted out of round 10. But they didn’t leave. No no, Bailey just tossed the corpse directly onto the flames rather than squirm in the heat. Wormtail, et al brought in Emily’s fancy hair and a couple other ringers but still only scored 33 points. That’s cool, I think most of them were there to celebrate Theresa’s birthday. Clever Girl put up 50 points and was not thrilled with any of it. Go! Nevada! GO! aka Kitty Kitty Meow Meow aka Now That’s What I Call Trivia vol 1 and 2 used an interesting method of rotating in players and putting some people on the bench when they weren’t performing. They ended up losing more points than they gained from that tactic and walked out with 52 points.

Then it all came down to drink tickets. I mean, if we went on points alone The Bard Who Spooned Too Much would have been able to ride their 74 points to victory. Sadly, there are drink tickets that turn into points. Neal of Fortune knows that. They used 21 tickets last night, pushing their team ahead of the Bards one last time before Player Jake makes his way to New York. They ended up with 87 points. But it was the #1 Cat in America, who played 16 tickets and boosted their score to 88 points for the win. Or, as the Bards see it, a subsidized victory.

That is going to do it for this week, now all you MFers can get your green beer or your 16 shamrock shakes or whatever and watch some sports. We’ll kick off this whole show again next week.

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