Of Horn Dogs and Fuck Hounds

This is a little story about love and how that emotion can blindside you. The other night at the Up & Under there was this team, Eating Tiger Men, first timers, and couple lovers or whatever. Anyway, they met in college in a place relevant to an unannounced round in this week’s trivia show. They thought for sure that gave them the advantage and they would walk away victorious.

So they sat there, having drinks, answering questions, probably making googly eyes at each other and dry humping on the table. Total horn-dogs these two. They were just coasting on that “love will win” vibe. But let me tell you something, sometimes love doesn’t win.

It certainly didn’t that night. In fact these two fuck hounds, Eating Tiger Men, they finished second. They were only able to rub up on enough correct answers to create 65 points. But you know what did win? KNOWLEDGE. And Trivia Newton John brought it with their 67-point total. In all reality Eating Tiger Men put up an impressive score for a first time team.

Also regarding the Tuesday night show, I have documentation showing Shiva Kamini grabbing third place with 64 points. I also have a note that says Shiva was not there and the team’s name was actually Wet Dreamcast. I’m not 100% certain what any of this really means, but there was a 3rd place team. There was also Who Pooped in the Pool who put up 39 points or something.

Now back to this blindsided by love theme.

You all know Kathleen and Travis, right? Well they’re getting married this weekend and opted to have their Stag & Doe party tonight. Suckers. It’s like they didn’t even check the calendar and say “Shit, dog, that’s a Thursday night. We can’t possibly bring all the Neal of Fortune heavy hitters together then not even go to trivia.”

Yet they have exactly that.  Which means the top spot is open for any team to fill. Will Spoony Bards grab a first place finish? Being it’s not a league show, it seems doable. What of Clever Girl? Will they seize power? Or imagine Good Enough going from worst to first like some sort of best-case scenario for the Cleveland Browns. Of course, it could also be Team Drink Tickets, who have still not let me know if they are in for the Trivia Weekend in the Woods. WTF Kirstie? Kyle? Janet? Javier?

And I shouldn’t fail to mention TV Dogs. They’ll probably win. Fucking TV Dogs.

Of course, every trivia show is open to anyone who wants to have a good time and a few Lagunitas Brews. All you have to do is get to Glass Nickel Pizza on Atwood tonight, look for us in the basement. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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