August, When The Swelter Continues

Last night at Company Brewing looked like a bruiser of a match. The Heights came out to play. Sadly, trivia aint playing and they had to learn that the hard way by closing out the night with 31 points. Then, Tunnelsnakes and Hanabi-konan the Barbarian both scored 58 points, but brought in extra players. So both teams were docked 15 points and both teams ended up with 43 points. That cleared the way for Pfffft! To snatch a higher ranking with 46 points. …And Justice for Allan Lane sputtered out at 53. The tie for third went to Scrambled Eggs and The Zucchini’s Are Bigger In Harambe, teams that both put up 61 points. And to top it all off Warren G. Hard-on scraped together 83 points.

Tonight, Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia rolls on to the Up & Under on Brady St. That means as soon as you’re done voting, you’re going to want to get there, grab a seat and a few beers and answer some questions. Lewis, a viable write-in candidate for any position, will be running the show. So you know you’re in good hands.


The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


Gonna Fly Now

I can hear all those Madison jerkoffs mumbling about it right now, “Oh Greg’s late with the Monday trivia post.” “I bet it’s because he sucks.” “I bet it’s late because he’s still sad we booed him so hard the foundation of Glass Nickel Pizza shook. He’s never been booed like that. It was so brutal. And then Janet yelled, “Go home and cry into that vomit-y green pillow you think is an appropriate accent piece you colorblind loser’ which seems extra harsh, but he deserves it the late-posting scumsack.”

Well surprise MFers, that’s not it all all. I went home cranked up the Bill Conti, stepped into the freezer, started punching frozen cuts of vegan meat and now I’m back to knock out trivia players at several locations in southern Wisconsin. I’m also concerned about some pillow choices I’ve made and that Janet might be sneaking into my house.

Or maybe, by delivering this post late I’m showing my solidarity with the Milwaukee show tonight at Company Brewing, which will be starting about 15-20 minutes late.

Can you imagine what the CoBrewCrew is going to do with that extra time. I imagine some will just show up as normal and squeeze in three or four extra pints of that Space Whistle mosaic IPA. Others, might use that time to brush up on Wisconsin Counties and notable bridges (as in Brooklyn, not Jeff). And fear not trivia players, just in time for the season four premiere we’ve got a whole new Ballers category for you.

If you’re looking to step into the trivia ring, get your team together, do a little research on those categories and get to Company Brewing tonight. The show will start just a little bit after 7pm. See you there.


Madison, Can You Dig It?

Perhaps I underestimated the resilience of the Brady Street crowd in Milwaukee. Because it certainly seems like they were more shook by the Riverwest 24 than I expected. Well listen up, Up & Under players, the bike race is over. All the Riverwest hoodlums and ne’er do wells have gone home. It’s safe to leave your houses and apartments again. It’s safe to return to Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia. In fact, now would be the right time to burn down a couple bridges and reignite the great Milwaukee River Wars of the 1990s.

That said, a few teams turned out. Trivia Newton John showed up and cleaned house with 104 points. Shiva Conglomeration earned something like second place with 70 and Who Pooped in the Pool ended up at the bottom, where they are most comfortable, with 15 points. A true power bottom force.

Now onto the Madison where it’s really anyone’s game. Alex and Gabe are successfully wed and have shoved off to California. But not before they squeezed in one more trivia at their Rehearsal dinner. Did they win? Barely.  

Zak or Zach or Zack is allegedly creeping around Indianapolis waiting for GenCon to start. Caitlin now calls Minnesota home and acts like she’s never even heard of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia. So you know Neal of Fortune might not be the powerhouse they once were. Just kidding. Kathleen, Travis and Neal are still in a fighting stance.

Plus, TV Dogs claims they’re coming back and the Spoony Bards are hungry for a win. Then again, tonight could be Laura Dern’s night, or it could be time for the Good Enough to stop sandbagging and start winning.

With one month left in the summer league it could be nearly any team that takes home the winnings.

But that is just the league news. Trivia is always open to everybody, all you have to do is get a team together and show up. We’ll be in the Basement of Glass Nickel Pizza on Atwood. Order up a few pints and couple fresh pizzas, make some small talk with and wait for the questions to start firing.

The show starts at 7pm. See you there.

CoBrew Recapper

As  we discussed yesterday, Nick’s show was hot on the heels of the Riverwest24, the finest bike race/community event in the country. It’s great to see Riverwest host such an event, but the downside is that it also emboldens lesser, detrimental groups in the community, suggesting maybe it’s their time to shine as well. It’s not hard to envision the path from a successful Riverwest24 to a Tunnelsnakes victory at trivia.


That is exactly what we saw last night at Company Brewing. Tunnelsnakes somehow scraped together 108 points for a win. I can only assume during the RW24 they set up a blockade that ensnared Nick while he was riding sometime in the early morning hours and demanded the answers to trivia in exchange for his release. Tunnelsnakes have long been known to set such traps.


This in turn stole the winning spots from better teams, better people really, like John F Kennedeez Nuts at 97 points, Pfft at 81 and Scrambled Eggs at 80. Some other teams never really had a chance at winning. Teams like Hanabikonan the Barbarian who nabbed 72, Best RW24 Ever who got docked 15 and ended the night at 64, and Teeb Nabe with 61. Tequila Mockingbird also put up 31, but had to leave early.


Tonight the show rolls on to Up & Under on Brady Street–a neighborhood which lived this weekend blissfully unaware of what was happening in Riverwest. At the helm will be Lewis, a man who just lost all funding for his new startup Drive-In Movie Pass (DiMP). The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


Your Week 31 Preview

After a big weekend Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia is back in action. Nick spent the last few days in the throes of the Riverwest 24, and because I’m on the text thread I got 500 messages about him doing wheelies and endos and laying down some pretty sweet skids.

There could be worse threads to be on, really.

I, on the other hand, was deep in Alex and Gabe’s wedding. Which did not shy away from their trivia origin story. Everyone was talking about. It was the entertainment at their rehearsal dinner. EVEN THE RABBI MENTIONED IT.

Back to the Riverwest 24. As far as I know, Nick’s hot laps did not burn down all of Riverwest, so he’ll be hosting tonight’s show at Company Brewing. I can also mention with certainty that we will be discussing Lawn Games, TrTIMEavel, and the Legally Blonde-iverse.

If any or all or none of those seem like your bag, I suggest you get down to Company Brewing, get yourself a couple pints of Chumbawumba fuel and get ready to rip through 50 questions and answers.

The show starts at 7pm. See you there.

Spittin’ Bars

Y’all know me, still the same O.G. but I been low-key
Hated on by most these trivias with no cheese, no WTFs and no Bamboo Harvesteez
No wheels and no keys, no boats, no snowmobiles, and no skis
Mad at me cause we actually attempt to provide our players with categories
Got a shared Google doc and it’s all full of quezzies to add to the show
Full of plaques, hanging in my cloud storage like trophies
Did y’all think I’mma let my shows freeze, ho please
You better get down to Brewing comma Company, who you think taught you ‘bout deciduous trees
Who you think brought you the oldies
Horse breeds, Ren Faires, and some shit about manatees
The Bomb-Ass Women of Histories
And the Trivia squad that said motherfuck the police
Gave you a full rack of wack categories
To bump when you stroll through in your hood
And when your work week wasn’t doing too good
Who’s the trivia host they told you to go see
Y’all better listen up closely, all you muthafuckers that said that we turned pop
Or your double flopped, y’all are the reason that Nick ain’t been getting no sleep
So fuck y’all, all of y’all, if y’all don’t like me, blow me
Y’all are gonna keep fucking around with me and turn me back to the old me
Get ready for this week’s categories
Greek Gods, Nathan Fillion and Shark Week.

We’re kicking it off tonight at Company Brewing in Riverwest. 7pm.
See you there.


You know, they call it “The City of Bridges”

Greg’s gone from Pittsburgh to the “nation’s” “captial” so you can imagine what trivia will be like the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, I’m stuck at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia World Headquarters and Rap Emporium tending to the underground mushroom farm we had installed last spring. It looks to the untrained eye like a pile old answer sheets piled up and left to rot, lit by the TV in the corner playing Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker on repeat. Look carefully, though, and you’ll see that it’s a pile of old answer sheets and discarded rolling papers piled up and left to rot, lit by the TV in the corner playing Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker on repeat. Whatever it is, it’s a lot of fucking work and these boomers better be worth it. Anyway.

One thing I am and one thing I am not. I am: headed to Company Brewing tonight for our weekly trivia extravaganza. It’s another non-league week, so the pressure’s off if you’re just there to “do your best” and “guzzle…um…beer, I guess.” I am not: on Facebook, so this is as far as your little hint message is going this week.

Speaking of, best to study up on Parodies, Pittsburgh, and Primates, if we’re counting 1933’s King Kong (and I am).

It’s Up & Under Time: Week 27

True to form, Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia keeps rolling!

Since it’s Tuesday, you can find us at Up & Under on Brady Street.

That also means at the helm tonight you’ll find your boy Lewis, the man who recently set the record with 113 consecutive rides on the Summerfest Skyglider and when asked what he did when he needed to use the facilities he replied,”That’s your problem man. You see poops and pees are just a construct. In fact, Summerfest is just a construct. I could have ridden the Skyglider a million times. We all might living in a simulation and I live on a parallel path where all there is are Skyglider rides. Think about it, man. How do we know the Skyglider I see is the same one you see? Because some academic told us so? Come on. Have you ever looked at your Skyglider? I mean really looked at it?”


I’ve heard the bar is packed is 12-ounce knowledge bombs, so don’t be afraid to grab a few of those. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.

Landlocked, and Loving It!

Holiday week is over, Trivia Players. I assume, you’re all very much like me and spent the week on the open sea. Pacing the bow, sucking down a little bit red wine from exotic ports as far away as Sonoma. Being it was my vacation the captain said to me, “What would make your time on the sea better? We’ve got water skis, a wakeboard, you can go wakesurfing…”

“Well,” I told him, ‘My strength truly lies in the use of the inflatable. Just me on a bright yellow tube. The ship cruising at a brisk seven knots, because I wouldn’t want to spill this out there in open water–it’s a 2015 Pagani Ranch Zinfandel.”

Alas, I stayed on board and kept a keen eye on the vessel. This did give me time to think about trivia for the week ahead, and come to the conclusion that we’ll discuss the alleged sinking of the RMS Titanic.

It seems you can take a boy from the sea, but you can’t take the sea from the boy.

In addition to Titanic talk, we’ll also have a category on Baseball Movies and some shit about Gettysburg, for all those United States’ Civil War buffs out there. I suspect the intersection of people who want to talk to you about Baseball movies and those that want to go on and on about the US Civil War is large with many bits of Chex Mix in many beards.

Ifany of this appeals to you, or you just want to be entertained while you cool yourself in a climate-controlled bar this evening, Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia is perfect for you. Join the fun at Company Brewing in Riverwest. There will be drinks, food and 50 questions worth of good times.

The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


A New Dawn

Fresh off a national holiday, we’re set to fire up some trivia tonight. As it is every Thursday, Glass Nickel Pizza on Atwood is home to Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia. Yet, This week feels a little different. Maybe it’s because we’re sitting on 50 questions that are going to please about two percent of the players. Or, maybe it’s because I challenged Tunnelsnakes to step into the Madison dojo. They haven’t said yes yet, but they also haven’t said no.

Speaking of Milwaukee teams, I slid into the slides for your crowd-sourced show and the whole lot of you are monsters. You MFers created a Steely Dan category like NBD. And ultimately it was no big deal because someone else submitted Accounting & You. But the pinnacle of that show certainly had to be Folding Tables Don’t Stand a Chance–five questions about Buffalo, New York, without a single mention of the Goo Goo Dolls or Ani Difranco (Yes, this is the second Ani Difranco reference I’ve made this week. I don’t like it, but I’m not sorry about it).

Back to tonight’s show, the real game changer is the restructuring that needs to happen on Neal of Fortune, over the last couple of months they’ve lost 3 members. I’m not going to say those players moved on to better places, because there’s no WHT in Minneapolis, there is no Bamboo Harvester of Sorrows in the Bay, but  Minneapolis and the bay area are both really rad.

Will this loss of players, make their spot atop the league ranking vulnerable? Will Spoony Bards be the Brutus to their Caesar? Will the HH Holmes and the Murder Castle Dancers move on them like a bitch? You guys I spend about 90% of my time trying to come up with bonkers statements, and I still have no clue what it means to move on someone like a bitch. That’s just lazy phrasing.

With Alex and Gabe gone, it’s open season on Thin Lizzy questions. And with Caitlyn gone their Art History knowledge has been greatly diminished. That might hurt them when we take a look at the art featured in the Beyonce and Jay Z video for Apeshit.

Is that a bonus clue for all the players tonight? Probably. But it won’t do you any good unless you decide to play. So get your team together and get down to Glass Nickel Pizza. We’ll be the one in the basement, knocking back drinks with Jake and reminding Simon to bring some napkins for the table. As always, it’s open to everyone, all you have to do is be there by 7pm.

See you then.


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