Riverwest Nights!

(Typing this for the third time since using a tablet for blogging is a fool’s game. Champagne problems!)

Hey people, what’s up? Apologies for the lapse in posting, but rest assured, things are about to pick the fuck up! Are you ready?

Well, first of all, we’ve recently moved off of the (literally and figuratively) cool Red Dot patio and we’re back in the cozy confines of the lovely Tracks in Riverwest. We’ve also moved nights, from Mondays at 7 to Thursdays at 7 since, let’s face the FACTS, a Friday morning hungover at work or whatever is far more tolerable than a Tuesday morning hungover at work. Or whatever.

Now, the last three weeks have featured some more exhibition play, but beginning next week, on December 5th, a brand new mini-league will begin! I’ll be learning all about how to do stats and you’ll all be getting more fierce and competitive. So, yeah, lots more thinkin’, drinkin’, and “Fuck You’in!” will be happening. Baby! I-I-I-I can’t wait! This is exciting, isn’t it?

So, tell your friends and be sure to keep spending your Thursday nights on the cool side of town, whilst solving the hardest trivia questions in the whole metro area /city of Milwaukee. It’s going to be a lot of goddamn fun, especially if you’re winning prizes! There’s also going to be some great drink specials at Tracks every night that we’re there, from buckets of Pabst/Schlitz, to cheap shots of unusual(ly good-tasting) liquor. And after every show, everybody is always invited to come over to my place and watch Miami Rhapsody!

Looking forward to seeing you all. In the meantime, happy Thanksgiving and whatnot!

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  1. A Secret Admirer

    You need to post more.

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