Shoulda Doubled

12 hours later and Nick is still shook from last night’s trivia bout at Company Brewing. I get it, Nick’s a strong dude, not one to buckle, but you have to look at what he was dealing with last night. He had one team leaving menacing notes for Celebrity Guest Host Andy Berg. AND he had to deal with a team that pronounces it “Mary-time”. As in, “We had to drive through Quebec to reach the mary-time provinces.” Or, “Three miles from shore, mary-time laws takes over in Lake Michigan. I once took a kayak out there and killed a man, and there‘s nothing the pigs here can do about. Eat my ass, law enforcers!”

And then there was the prototype Los Tunnelsnakes was showing off. We can’t even talk about that yet.

Anyway, Courtydia Alisovis showed up and dropped 32 points for a last place, yet respectable finish. The was a tie at 47 points between the Sharpest Tools and Scrambled Eggs, two teams named after items found on the Orthodox Easter buffet at the Hotel Baltschug Kempinski in Moscow.

Pepto Bisquick made the move from WHT Classics at The Tracks and is now leaving skid marks and at Company Brewing. They scored 60 points in their first major league showing. They were topped by Best Andy and the Dead Weight Ever’s 65 points and the 66 points put up by There’s Something About Maritime Law.

Third place went to Titty Roosevelt, who scored 76 points. I’m also astonished that no one has ever used this team name before. I mean it’s right there. Of course, then we’ll have to change the acronym from TMFR to TFn’R.

Don’t kink shame me, assholes.

Second place was nabbed by Reclusive Wankers who put up 78 points. And as cobras do túnel took home the top spot by dropping 89 points and some limited-run design madness. I’ve never been so proud of a team as I am right now.

Tonight, we move across the river to bring the show to Brady Street. Lewis, the man who coined the phrase, ‘Grover Cleveland? More like GROPER Cleveland”, will be firing off questions at the Up & Under. All you have to do is be there at 7pm and grab a few drinks.

See you there.

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