Steve Harvey Cold Snaps

Assuming anyone can even gather the strength to leave their homes and face the this weather one more time, we should have a good match tonight at Glass Nickel Pizza.

Let’s run down the list: Eric is already back in Montana or Wyoming or whatever great expanse of a western state he calls home. Kathleen and Travis, who has proven themselves time and time again to been the brains of the Neal of Fortune operation, are currently ice climbing Niagara Falls. The Spoony Bards will come close but fall apart in the end, because that’s how they play trivia. Neil is still recovering and I suspect floating on a cloud of percoset. Dominic will probably miss the first 10 questions, and Tickles for Nickels is only in the game when Drink Tickets are in play.

And that has me hyped. The winner’s circle is wide open and we’ve got a solid 10 rounds. Talmbout spacemans, and college bowls or college bowlers, The Great State of Michigan and a bunch of other things. On top of that, Simon will be hustling food. Jake will be there making all sorts of craft cocktails and lecturing you simpletons about the importance of a true neutral spirit, like the vodka he uses at home to make his special beef stick- and pretension-infused drinks. And there will be prizes.

All you have to do is be there tonight. We’ll be in the basement of the . The show starts at 7pm. See you there.

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