Stranger Fruit Salad Days

Sure, the Glass Nickel summer league started last week, but I think this is the week it gets traction. Certainly the Spoony Bards are looking for a better showing. Rumor has it Laura Dern will be zipping-off the legs of their high-waisted paleobotanist pants, which means they mean business. Will TV Dogs show up? What about #1 Cat in America? Will Son of Sam’s Club win a round based on intellect? Will Good Enough finally flip over a table and claim, “This is all bullshit!”? They wouldn’t be wrong. And can Neal of Fortune keep every other team at bay? And can they do it without Alex, who very proudly told me last week, “I won’t be here next time because I’m going to see Mickey Dolenz and Mike Nesmith.” Then she lifted her hoop skirt so she could walk, stepped into her flying car and told me she was off to Blade Run some replicannots, only further confusing me about what generation or timeline she is actually from.


It’s important to remember that EVERY team will be tested tonight. Because tonight we’llbe playing under the musical thumb of the new album Stranger Fruit from Zeal & Ardor. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I suggest you do so today, because this whole albums chops.  


I understand some teams will see this as a real Sophie’s choice–will they give up their dignity or their team score? But choices have to be made, and ultimately this is just trivia, and your dignity.


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