Summer Finale Week at the Up & Under


Well well well, we’ve arrived at week 35 of the trivia year.  

Is it notable? Sure. Then again, every trivia show is one for the history books. But this is also the league final for those teams who call the Up & Under home.

But before we get to Tuesday, we have to make it through Monday. That means it’s Company Brewing time. Legend has it, Nick has returned from witnessing the eclipse and he is even more powerful now. He claims to have the strength of a 1000 eclipsed suns and a motorcycle license. I hope everyone in the crowd wears their staring-at-the-sun shades. If you already dumped yours in the trash, toss on a pair of those Wisconsin Hardest Trivia specs. They’re not eclipse approved but they are totally legit for staring at Nick. Unless he has his shirt off.

If you think you’re ready to take on Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia, you’re going to want to get a strong team together, say you and five other heavy hitters. Then you’re going to want to read up on things like American Serial Killers and Global Culinary Terms. Typically we give you three categories to study, but the ice-cold sonsofbitches known as the The Spoony Bards requested a category in which all the answers are “three”. Those dudes are out here to scuff my smooth. So instead, all the questions in that category involve threes or triplets or a triumvirate or whatever.

Once you’ve got your team and your knowledge in place, head over to Company Brewing at 735 Center Street in Riverwest, order up one of those Night Rye’d tappers and get ready to learn to ridiculous shit. The show starts at 7pm, but if you want a seat closer to Nick, I suggest getting there earlier.


See you then.

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