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Still Lifes

Oh man, I bet you guys all thought I was gone. Done-zo. Taken out by the man for blowing the lid off the Big Trivia conspiracy. Well, that is not the case. The real story is that my entire house has been on lock-down for some serious influenza contamination. It looks like that scene in …

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Milwaukee League Finale

Well that was fun. Huge night for our finale show. Forty-eight strong including two new teams that came through to check us out. For a minute things got dicey, there was a three way tie in the second round: Monkey vs. Robot; vs. Poop & Pee Warriors; vs. Tits & Giggles. As things shook out, …

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All good things

Hey hey HEY! Long time no talk Milwaukee. We’re drawing to the end of league play at The Red Dot. It’s been an exciting season fraught with computer terror and gratefully mediated by a few good friends. Next week is our league finale so it appears it’s high time for an update: As the league …

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