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You know, they call it “The City of Bridges”

Greg’s gone from Pittsburgh to the “nation’s” “captial” so you can imagine what trivia will be like the next few weeks. Meanwhile, I’m stuck at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia World Headquarters and Rap Emporium tending to the underground mushroom farm we had installed last spring. It looks to the untrained eye like a pile old answer …

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League Finale

As expected, Team Quotes (“The Snatch Has Hatched”) took the league, but no one cares. The big news this week is that Wait, The Holy Trinity Doesn’t Mean A Threeway finally broke through with a win. This didn’t affect league standings much, but it’s always nice to see a new team break through with a win. Word …

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League Week 9/10

Welp, it ain’t over till it’s over…but it’s basically over. “Popes Up, Hoes Down” took another week with a solid 106 points, extending their league lead. Tits & Giggles managed second place to keep them in third for the league. Poop & Pee Warriors came up with another lackluster performance, but managed to stay in second overall. One …

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