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Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia…The Legend Continues

Stalwarts. That’s how I would classify the Up & Under teams. These MFers are hanging in there through the good and the bad. And frankly, for some of the teams it’s never really good. Take Who Pooped in the Pool, for example. Not only are they not winning, due to archaic laws and something called …

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Six Seasons and a Movie

Tonight! Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia enters syndication. Undeclared never got that. Nor Trophy Wife starring Malin Akerman. And what about ALF? ALF aired for like 20 seasons, I think it was 1981-2001, but it never went into syndication. Do you know why? Maybe it was weirdly racist and no one remembers that about the show. Or …

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And so, we make it through the third week and into the fourth. To catch everyone up, week three was a banner week for WI Hardest Trivia, one of the worlds best and most unregarded underdogs, TunnelSnakes, did something no other team has done for us so far; they made it to each one of …

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