Tales of Texas: Part 1

Photo courtesy of Kathleen and Travis

It’s hard to say what I learned in Texas. We saw so many things, went to all sorts of places and drove around a lot. Texas is massive. I think in time it will all settle in and I will be better able to explain what I learned. Until then, consider these points:

  • When a man named Glen tells you, “You’re about to have a fucking experience”. You need to know, you have no idea how hot it’s about to get.
  • Nick is very picky about the fit of a serrape.
  • Nick’s the best at everything, we get it.
  • The land between full veganism and a carnivorous lifestyle is lonely and stinks of farts.
  • Not a whole lot of family vacations in Pecos.

Apart from that first one, I really wouldn’t consider any of those to be a life lesson.

But more importantly this marks the first night of our full texas trivia show. Now, I’m sure a few of you will probably be thinking, I’m from Texas, I got this one wrapped up. Well not so fast. Ask yourself, “How many illegal border crossings have I made in one day? How many gallons of gas have I sprayed all willy-nilly on the side of an Audi in Pecos? And how many days have you spent wandering the desert, looking for a man with a keytar?

This trivia is essentially Texas as Nick, Keith and I experienced. And, as we learned on this trip, just because you were born in the dojo doesn’t mean you’re ready to fight. In hopes that anyone scores any points at all, I suggest you spend a little time covering Texas State Parks, Songs about Texas, Big Bend National Park and the instagram accounts of @mifunetoshiro and @slashgreg.

I’ll be back in action at Glass Nickel Pizza on Atwood tonight. I will regale you with stories of the Lone Star state. Of course, Jake will be tossing out drinks and there will be prizes. All you need to do is show up and answer the questions correctly. The show starts at 7pm.

See you then.

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