Texas Night in Madison

A million thanks to Anjali who held down the Madison show while I guzzling Lone Stars by the dozen. Everyone said she has a great host, and one person claimed she did a better job than I do. That person won’t be coming back.

Anyway the crowd was fresh. All the Texans I expected to see were in the house. And a few were even wearing Texas tees which had me stoked. Of course, the teams without a resident Texan where not nearly as excited about an all-Texas night. But I guess that is on them. If the Milwaukee crowds were smart they would quickly launch a Texas outreach program to collect a few friends from the lone star state for their teams.

On to the scores. Bitch Planet was in the house last night and neither of them we’re really happy about what was going down last night. They ended up with 41 points. Then it was Clementines, and I’m not sure about their onboard Texan status, but someone on that team was wearing a Texas tee. It didn’t help much as they still ended the night with 53 points. At 60 points, it was Clever Girl (a 50% Texan team). Something tells me they are going to want redemption. And at 74 points it was Don’t Mess with The Spoony Bards (25% Texan). They’ve been on the upswing with the names as of late, but this one was also on-theme, so cheers to them.

Just ahead of them it was Moony & Co who lost a few points because they had everyone on their team. They were rolling with no real Texans to my knowledge, but at least one former Austin resident, so that’s something I guess. At 87 points it was Neal of Fortune (20% Texan, until Caitlin’s entire fam showed up, dropping knowledge about Birdman like nbd). And last night, for their first win ever, if was Zaney Little Bitch (aka kitty kitty meow meow aka Meow That’s What We Call Trivia Vol 2). They put up 91 points without a single Texan, but apparently Jeremy spent a lot of time in Big Bend when his van broke down there a few years ago. Whatever wins you the trivia night, you know.
Additional Notes: Caitlin, mentioned above, is getting her PhD this weekend (I really hope its a PhD, or I’m going to feel like a jerk). She’s supplied a vast majority of the sketches I’ve used for these trivia updates over the past year. And Neil, who has single handedly brought more people into the trivia fold than all of my efforts combined is having a birthday this weekend. So congrats to both of you. Hooray for the trivia crew.

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