Thanksgiving got me like…

Locking the doors to Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Global Headquarters & Rap Emporium at the end of a rather short week has got me a thinking back over the last few days. Things seem right in the trivia world. I feel if I were a .gif, or .gif, depending on how you pronounce it, I would be the one of the mountain man-looking-MFer who, when the camera has pushed in close enough, gives a subtle, approving nod. I think we all know the one I’m talking about. It’s the one we all wish our parents would send us.

What I’m trying to say here is that things seems right in the trivia world.

Just last night at the Up & Under Who Pooped in the Pool was able to put together 15 points and reclaim their last place throne. One could make the argument that in this case PPR actually stands for Point, not Points, Per Round. It would be an inaccurate argument, but I’m sure we can find someone to take sides.

A team named Second Place certainly did not live up to their name. Chumps. The Stallions fell just short of the podium. Tur-What-The-Fucken nabbed third place and started making demands for a Current Events category, but the “current” is about electricity and water. Like these fools have done a deep dive on The Structural Dynamics of Flow by Leslie Claret. Shiva Conglomeration nabbed second place and let Trivia Newton John have the top spot.

But before any of that happened, there was a Monday night show at Company Brewing, where I made a very special guest appearance. It was good to put faces with the teams I’ve never really met but talk about way too much.

What A Hot Messopotamia was making their trivia debut. Sure they finished in last place, but it was their first rodeo and they clearly showed the rest of these team that they get it and they’re coming back for blood. We Are Carl Weathers clearly focused this week on coming up with a second-rate name and then decided to pair that with a second-rate score. They even got bested by a 3-person Tunnelsnakes team.

I was hoping for more from Tunnelsnakes, but that was just a exercise in wishful thinking. Certainly, Best Ever was going to beat them. And you know Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia: Shmisconsin’s shmardest Schmivia was going out perform nearly every other team. Finally, There’s a Fine Line Between Numerators and Denominators took home the win. They abandoned their sexual confections name for a math joke, making it clear why Nick loves this team. Then again Nick has also IRL memed me with shit like “Sure sex is cool, but have you ever paused Good Will Hunting and examined the equations Applesauce Man was figuring out”.

No, Nick. I haven’t. There is no Glass Nickel show Thursday, so enjoy the holiday everyone.
See you next week.

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