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I like to think 2017 started early last night. And the trivia playing patrons of the Up & Under lead the charge. I don’t know if it was low rumbling–a murmur at a single table–or if one player jumped atop the bar and declared an end to 2016. Reminding everyone else in the bar,

“January first is an arbitrary date for a New Year to begin, and haven’t we, as a society, been punched in the gut enough lately. And you can sight the deaths of Prince, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, George Michael and Carrie Fisher, but being we keep creating more and more celebrities, we’ll need to be prepared for more and more celebrity deaths. It makes each one no less disheartening, it’s just numbers. And what about the destruction of Syria, the blind eye the western cultures have turned from the world’s refugee, the rise of Trump, Farage, Duerte and modern fascism? What of those horrible Chevrolet commercials with that bearded dude and those simps thinking they’re really in an Audi, or whatever? This shittiness will continue. This rubbish will be the bathtub ring of our time, our society and our complacency. It will go on for the foreseeable future. But let’s make 2016 the year we steeled ourselves for what’s to come. We’re strong enough. We have a plan. 2017 starts now.”

With that, the Moonbats broke into individual teams. Each member strong enough to face down 50 questions and those who kept their teams whole.

And one player, known only to us who weren’t there as Mustache Riding a Lion Through the Serengeti scored 64 solo points. Winning first place, drinks and the admiration of everyone in the bar. In second place it was Ghost Horse, an entire team who scored 60 points. And with 50 points and 3rd place it was another soloist, not TAKAHIROMIYASHITA, but Jon Snow Has a Twin.

Heck Yes, Hayley! scored 42 points, Jesus Minus U put up 36, and Who Pooped In The Pool and Not Joe each scored 32 points. Andy Pandy knocked down 27 and it was Princess Leia’s Even Hotter Now posting up 7 points.

More importantly, I like to think the Moonbats issued a challenge to all trivia teams, regardless of where you play. Just for one week, break up the teams, go head to head to head. It’s not a league night. It’s the year in review, so everything will be 2016-relevant. Play one match solo. Don’t just shut the door on 2016, slam that MFer and deadbolt it.

We’ll see what happens tonight when Nick hosts at the Tracks. It’s never a bad time to be at the corner of Humboldt and Locust, but the best time is Wednesday night at 7pm.
See you there.

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