The Complete Filmography of Gus von Trier

Alright we gotta do this one quickly because I have so many meats to write about today. So many meats.

Here goes, the original Bitch Planet was in the mix at Glass Nickel last night and regardless how confident and cocky they seemed when it came to Wrestlers, they clearly know nothing of the WWF/WCW divide. They are probably better for it. They closed out the night with 30 points.

At 35 points we had Meow That’s What We Call Trivia vol. 3, who opted not to boo anyone this week. Apparently they think they’ve grown up now. Nah. Also at 35 points was Trumple Thin Skin, aka the world’s biggest fans of Gus Van Trier, especially his early works. It was their first time back in ages, and frankly they’re rad as hell. I’ll toss trivia questions at that crew any day. I guess what I’m getting at is, please come back. Please, please, please.

With a slightly higher score of 63, it’s the still-climbing Clementines. I think if they hadn’t been hosed by the Wrestlers and the Monty Python categories they would have walked out as winners. Then again, if Bitch Planet hadn’t been hosed by Wrestlers and Monty Python and like eight other categories, they could have walked out as winners.

Then there was the team whose name was something in Icelandic. Listen, I’ve got two Icelandics in my phone, that’s like .02% of the population, and I could call them anytime. But I’m not going to fuck with this team name. That’s some unspoken shit in the triviasphere. They had 75 points. Also, Reykjavik looks rad.

In third place it was Neal of Fortune, who had 84 points. It’s like they don’t even try sometimes. Geez. Just ahead of them with 85 points it was For Whom the Bard Spoons, to whom I said,“Ahhh, a Hemingway reference” and in unison they all said “Heming who? This is about fuckin’ ‘tallica, bro. GTFO with your Sally Hemmings talk”. Whatever.

And with the win last night it was Clever Girl. They rolled in deep, dropped of some infant blankets like it’s NBD, banged down 96 points and then dumped off 5 drink tickets for a crushing 101 on the evening. MEGA.

We’re back at it again next week, starting Monday night at Company Brewing in Milwaukee. Then Nick and I are sliding down to Texas for a few days or trivia research. That should be a big heads up to you that there is probably going to be some Texas questions coming up soon. Ready yourselves. You can also follow along on the trip via our instergramps at @slashgreg and @mifinetoshiro.

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