The Legend of Trivia Mercenary

I hope everyone’s weekend was great and you all feel well rested, because we’ve all got something to prove this week. What I’m saying is we could all step up our trivia game after what we saw go down at the Glass Nickel Thursday night.

We were at roughly question seven when this guy walks in solo, grabs an answer sheet and gets into. I’ve seen him do this before as the Wolf of High Street. Of course, this was before his Jeopardy days. This was before he was the Trivia Mercenary.

Cut to round 10, a brutal Bamboo Harvester of Sorrow and Trivia Mercenary isn’t pleased at all with what is going on. Not that it mattered, he already had the match won. Essentially he tossed out the first and final rounds and still put up the 80 points he needed for the win. Who else can pull that off? Maybe Pratik from Tits & Giggles or the Whispering Goat Whore? Anyway, Trivia Mercenary just earned his place in the pantheon of greats.

Now, lets see if anyone can bring that kind of heat to Company Brewing tonight. Who is it going to be? Kate? Or maybe Katy? Do we have a Catherine on the Tunnel Snakes team who I can drag into this mess? Of course anyone else can play solo, but I do recommend bringing a team. You show up, order several beers and listen to Nick drop trivia bombs about Tractors, Board Games and Cat Breeds. You’ll have a blast. Easy-peasey.

The show starts at 7pm. See you there.

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