The Rise of Messopotamia and Fall of All Others

“SIRI! Update my LinkedIn profile. Have it read Wisconsin’s Hardest Greg: Questioneer, Championship Napper, Podcast Aficionado, Soothsayer”

It’s been less than one week since I predicted the rise of What A Hot Messopotamia and at last night’s Company Brewing show they began their ascension. Call in a team of forensic scientists to examine the remains. You’ll find bone fragments of Best Ever, the teeth of Three Guys on a Fact Hunt, and something that suggests Tunnelsnakes’ dignity would have been found if they had any.

Granted, they didn’t take any of the top spots, but what good is an ascension if you can’t strike fear into the hearts of those you’ll destroy on your way up. So, Scrambled Eggs, you best watch your back because your third place finish will not stand. WHT Schmisconsin’s Schmardest Schmivia, enjoy your time in second place. It will not last. And Mark McCarthcanned, your fall will be the greatest. I will enjoy watching these Hot Messopotamians feed you and everyone you love to the pack of Mackenzie Valley Wolves that travels with them.

Such violence at the CoBrew shows.

Tonight, we bring it back to a more civil stratum for the Tuesday night show. Lewis, a man who claims he’s no stranger to wolves because Werewolves of London is his go-to karaoke jam, is ready to blast 50 questions your way. All you have to do is be at the Up & Under on Brady street with a pocket full of beer money and a basic understanding of how trivia works.

Finally, I have to partake in some low-level huckster-ing. We have a few extra tee-shirts available. We’ve got Shoulda’ Doubled snake bite tees and a couple Black Metal BHOS tees available. All are size large (I don’t know how that happened, but I focus on my piping, man) The shirts are $20 each. Ask anyone wearing one, they’re comfy as hell and I’ll ship that shit straight to your door. Get at me via this crap platform or email greg@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com


Okay, tonight’s show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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