The Sad End to Week 45

I understand if any trivia players don’t make it all the way to the weekend. This week was a slog. I should have seen it coming after the Milwaukee scores were posted, but I couldn’t imagine it being as bad as it was. Sure, all the Madison teams survived. We all made it through the the mucky muck of categories like La La Land and Asian Horror Films, but once we were in the dinge of Wisconsin in the Industrial Revolution, I knew not even Rory and Lorelai Gilmore Girls could save us.

Check the stats if you don’t believe me. T.W.A.T., a team created in a secret government lab to be a trivia-killing force, tossed up triple zeros in the middle three rounds and ended the night with 18 points. Lady Posse, who came dressed for success–cowichan sweater and all– could only scrape together 28 points. Clever Girl snagged 30 and Good Enough pulled in 33. Neal of Fortune put up 50 points, which in context is quite respectable.

Scheme Skank Flickets used their abundance of drink tickets and the power of their addiction to get to 57 points for third place. Meanwhile, Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs earned a clean 64 points but was thwarted by The Bardle of Spoonded Knee who settled on 72 for the night.

That win does give The Spoony Bard variants a five-point lead in the league standings, with only 2 rounds remaining. I suspect it’s going to get scrappy over the next few weeks.

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