The Texas Train Rolls On

It’s been brought to my attention Nick was not wearing a serape at Company Brewing last night. It’s like he’s already forgotten about the Lone Star state. Fortunately, Clementines from Madison created this drawing, demonstrating one way to wear such a fine garment.
Before we get too deep into the trivia recap from last night, I want to point out the title of the song is “Luckenbach, Texas”. It seems when Pratik was going back to the basics of love, he went too far and dropped the Texas part, which parked him safely at 101 on the night. Which much must hurt somewhere down deep, because that cost the single Tit & Giggle the second solo win of his career. First place went to the team that racked up 102 points.
That team was Bible Camp David Koresh, and I don’t think I need to mention that they clearly get it. Mommas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up to be Demogorgons get it as well. And they finished in 3 places with 91 points. I’m also going to have Nick tip his formal cowboy hat to Some Degree of Kevin Bacon (assuming that is a reference to I Love Dick, which is set in Marfa) and TGS of Beerology, because they kind of understand the ridiculousness of a theme night.
Anyway, Gilmore Girls Gone Wild ended up in fourth place with 90 points. Das Tunnelsnakes closed out the night with 76 points. The Brewmaster’s Circle Jerk had 44, The aforementioned Kevin Bacon players had 40, and TGS of Beerology overloaded their team, as usual, and ended up with 34 points.
Now it’s time to bring the Texas show to the Up & Under which I’m sure will make no sense to most of the people in attendance. But that’s fine, Celebrity Guest Host Andy Berg and Lewis, the fifth Highwayman who was cut from the group after everyone else decided a verse beginning with “I was barista, frothing milk in the mornin’…” was not nearly as relatable as a bandit, a sailor, a dam builder or Matthew McConaughey’s character in Intersteller, will be there to guide you through the 50 questions. As always there will be drinks and jokes and prizes. All you need to do is show up by 7pm

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