There Will Be Blood, and Trivia

You’re probably all looking at the questions for this week’s trivia show and thinking, “There is no way Nick is going to be ready with fifty questions tonight”. So far we have 3 wild cards, 4 WTFs, something about one of the lesser Glaswegian bands and a category that currently has no questions and simply titled Magic, Not The Gathering.

But rest assured, players, Nick and I have been doing this for a long time. So it’ll go down this way.

First, you’re going to decide if you’re playing Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia tonight at Company Brewing in Riverwest. Once you’ve decided nothing can provide a better mix of fun and frustration, you’re going to gather a team. Maybe you call your good friends, but only the ones with the good trivia brains. You might even consider hitting up that person you dated just a couple times a few years ago, but you stopped seeing because they were way too into Magic, both The Gathering and not. They could be useful on a night like tonight, plus maybe they’re still down for some light butt stuff.  

Once you’ve got a team together, you’re going to get to Company Brewing. The show starts at 7pm, but you’re going to want to get there a little earlier to grab drinks and get your food orders in.

Then you’re going to listen to Nick cover such fine categories as Continents, Janelle Monáe and of course, Magic, Not The Gathering. At the end of 50 questions, There will be a couple teams who will walk  away with prizes, there will be other teams that just walk away. But everyone will leave entertained.

All you have to do is be at Company Brewing tonight at 7pm. See you there.


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