Things Start to Die Now

If you had to estimate, how many watermelons would you say you consumed over the holiday weekend? Three, maybe four? As for me, I easily had four whole watermelons. But I also tossed back three cantaloupes.
It was a holiday weekend, so I decided to live a little. You know, give the taste buds a final rush of that sweet, sweet taste of summer melon. Lay in the grass and smoke a joint before the season is over. Lace up the white bucks one last time.
Now, summer is over and autumn has immediately set in. If the air outside hasn’t reminded you things are going to start dying soon, perhaps you should consider this week’s trivia categories. We will be discussing The Wide World of Arena Football, Siberia and Clocks.
If you’ve got a team who has what it takes to squeeze a win from the line-up of bleak topics we’ve got this week, you should get yourself to the Up & Under on Brady Street tonight. The questions will be coming from celebrity guest host Andy Berg and Lewis, the man who once Rick Rolled OJ Simpson by claiming he had found the real killer. All you have to do is show up and have a few beers. The show starts at 7pm.

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