This is Halloween, This is Halloween…

Can you believe there was a time Reclusive Wankers did not play trivia? Actually, before that time there was an earlier time during which they did play trivia, but we need to talk about the time Reclusive Wankers didn’t play trivia.

I can only assume during this time they locked themselves in a room and just read Guinesses Books of Worlds Records and early-era Garfield comics (the ones before Jon died in an autoerotic asphyxiation accident). Because these MFers have come back with heat. Last night at Company Brewing they put up 106 points, while Das Tunnelsnakes, finished a distanct second with 79 points. Third place went to Butthole in One Night Standing Rock Lobster Rolling Rocky Horror Picture Show Me Your Tits & Giggles the Clown Fish Out Of Water who racked up 76 points.

The fresh Prince of Bel-Air Witch Project put up 67 points. Followed by The Best (Kia) Soul Ever at 66 and Lars and I Like the Way Your Belly Holds Your Tits Up at 63 points. And bringing up the read was Mana–O FUCK! Who held it together with 48 despite the indictments.

Now we move on to The Up & Under show where Celebrity Guest Host Andy Berg and Lewis, the real life inspiration for the Catholic Priest in Park Chan-Wook’s Thirst, are sure to bring all sorts of spookiness. They will also have access to beer and plenty of trivia questions. If this sounds like the perfect Halloween to you, and how could it not, you need to be at the Up & Under on Brady Street  at 7pm.

See you there.

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