Trivia, Derailed

Dave Mustaine

I can’t tell you when last night’s trivia started to go off the rails, but I can pinpoint the exact moment when I knew shit wasn’t going to right itself. It was round six. The Oscars round which no team doubled, and yet the average score in the room was 12.7 points. Compare that to the final two categories which accounted for all seven doubles. The averages of rounds nine and ten were both 6.3.

Anyway, on to the scores. Bitch Planet walked in scored 30 points, maintaining the highest points per person score, completed a crossword puzzle and then shoved off. Pretty slick moves. Callin’ Oates was back for the first time in years. They didn’t even want their answers counted, but then I told them, “This is MFin League, MFers. All these other MFers out here are counting on your MFin scores to boost their MFin scores.” In the end they got 39 points. Not too bad. Meow That’s What I Call Trivia vol 2 was back in action. They pushed up 34 points and lifted it to 54 with 20 drink tickets. Number One Cat in America also found their way back to trivia home and put 57 points on the board.

Then in third place it was Spoony Bardday, David. That’s the name the Spoony Bards use on David’s Birthday. And my favorite memory of David’s Birthday is when he was complaining about the difficulty of a question then realized he knew La Jetée and the Finnish Flash. Make it klang, David! Then there was Neal of Fortune, who brought in that 7th person which cost them 15 points. Not to worry, they just ripped through a few pitchers of beer and offset the score with tickets to end the night with 83 points. Finally, it was Clever Girl. They brought in a bit of new blood who may or may not have been responsible for their 88 points and first place finish, it’s hard to say.

The good news is that it happens again next week. Same bars. Same times. Assuming we can all keep it together.

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