Trivia Training

Tuesday morning, and you know what that means. 3 Guys on a Fact Hunt was awake at 5:30am doing trivia exercises–prime number dead lifts, logo identification sets, sprints between two targets labeled “Jimmy Buffet” and “Kenny Chesney” and, of course, the V-sit reach.
Meanwhile, Andy and Lewis were sleeping late, not even sweating it. Trivia? Pssht, it’s just another week around here. They weren’t up early, stressing over what current events should be highlighted to take people’s minds off the state of global politics. No, that’s all taken care of. It’s like the old biblical proverb, from The Book of Proverbs, “Heavy is the head that wears the crown”. Though I have always preferred, “No one expects the spanish inquisition in a land war with Russia” or “Never trust a Sicilian in plain clothes”.
While these are things people do not say, it’s important to know none of them apply to this week’s trivia shows. None of the above maxims mention Earth Day or Colleges and Universities in Wisconsin. And certainly not one adage highlights the World of Fermented Foods. Yet these are all things we will be discussing this week.
If you want to get a jump on it, and take down 3 Guys on a Fact Hunt, or just laugh as they do jumping jackson fives in preparation for a Bamboo Harvest of Sorrow category, you should get to the Up & Under on Brady St. tonight.
Celebrity Guest Host Andy Berg and Lewis, the first person to hack a calculator watch so whenever he checked it the display read “80085”, will be running the show tonight. There will be drinks, questions, players betraying players, and heaps of fun. All you have to do is show up at the Up & Under at 7pm.

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