Typical Groundhoggery

Groundhog Day came early last night for the trivia players at Glass Nickel Pizza. And by that I mean Hannah popped her head in and said to everyone, “Ha ha! 6 more weeks of losing MFers!”

So maybe it wasn’t the best start to a league most of the teams have ever seen. I mean, Good Enough was clearly counting on some team to show up and do worse than them, but with 29 points they snagged the coveted last spot. Trojan Whores, an all new team, put up 48 points for a solid performance. Clever Girl brought in back-up but it clearly wasn’t their night. Drink Tickets for Tickles landed safely in the center with 66 and Le Spoony Bards set off on another adventure in mediocrity by securing fourth place with 73 points.


Trivia Mercenary, playing solo again, put together a 77 point game. What makes that score even more impressive is that he scored all 77 points by round four, or something like that. Neal of Fortune claimed second with 81 points and as previously alluded to, it was Laura Dern and the High-Necked Waistlines taking first place with 88 points.


The good news is the league is long and it’s still any team’s for the taking. The even better news is that today is Caitlin’s Jeopardy premiere. If you’re in Madison, it airs at 4:30 on the NBC affiliate. Milwaukee, we’re talking about Philo Farnsworth’s magic talky picture box, someday you will have such technology. I have know idea when Jeopardy is broadcast in Milwaukee. 

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