Week 1: In Which the Trivia League Rises From the Deep Like the Mighty Cachalot


Winter League week one is in the books! And oh man, did it go off with a bang. I mean it was massive, and we’re going to get there. But, we have other pressing matters at hand.

The Super Bowl is happening this weekend. And, like so many Super Bowls, Tom Brady and his pro-trump, trash politics are involved. So Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia is donating $1 to charities for every point the New England Patriots score. The Glass Nickel show will be donating to the UNHCR. The Tracks Tavern Show will be donating to the ACLU. And the Up & Under show is donating to Planned Parenthood. (Thanks to Josh Gondelman for the idea to do this, and everyone should check out his jokes. He’s hilarious.)

Now, I cannot speak for the Tracks and Up & Under shows, but I am also willing to sell points to next week’s trivia round. I’m not above it. I will add 1 point to your nightly total for every dollar per point you donate to any of the three organizations above. To clarify, if your team puts up $1 for every New England point scored, you get one extra trivia point, $3 per point gets you three extra trivia points, and so on and so on.

Okay, now let’s last night’s show, because it was mega. We’ had the place packed. Wall to wall players. Tables and chairs had to be moved. Hopes and dreams were crushed, and then reborn only to die again. Pizzas and pitchers and Nickel Nuggets on every table. At one point I looked behind the bar and Jake was making it rain with credit card slips.

And the new teams. There were so many new, or new-ish teams.

One of those new teams, and also the largest, was Don Gloves and Lab Coats. They were very excited to tell me several times how they are all researchers at the university and very smart. They were also the team that played with 9 people, thus losing 45 points and ending the night with 17. That right there is your last place team for the evening. Who’s super smart now?

They also chose archaeobiology as a category for next week, so it’s like we all lost.

The Smartinis were in house last night with their impeccable penmanship and significantly more peccable score of 38 points. At 39, it was Franco’s Inner Circle, who I was happy to learn draws naming inspiration from James Franco not the Spanish dictator. The Steel Traps/Trips put up 52 points. Guess Harder is getting closer and closer to being regulars and last night they scored 59 points.

At 65 points it was Mooney Wormtail Padfoot and Prongs. They were topped by Kitty Kitty Meow Meow 2.0 who played a handful of drink tickets and bumped themselves up to 68 points. At 71 points it was Clever Girl, who I think was shook by the fact they had to sit at the bar. Another pair of newcomers, Pleasure Fist banged down 76 points, which left them just short of the podium.

Third place went to Neal of Fortune. They slapped 77 points on the scoreboard after not even trying in the first 5 rounds. Spoony Bards: Episode 5: Tellah Strikes Back grabbed second with 82 points. And Too Exhausted to Think of a Name, Check Back Later took home the win with 96 points.

Whoooo, I am beat after that one.  Enjoy the weekend, consider making a donation and we’ll start this whole cycle over again next week.

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