Week 17, Milwaukee Style

Yesterday I told you, no, I promised you, there would be a show. And today I’m telling you there will be another show. Will there be online updates? That is yet to be seen.

We’re in the middle of league play at Company Brewing and SOME teams came to play. Some of the other teams, not so much. Por ejemplo, Bad At Trivia lived up to their name with a mere 24 points. But then again, that is the exact same number of points Best…eh…WhatEVER scored. And Bi-Fast Bi-Furious earned a mean 44 points.

Then it got tight in the middle where we had the likes of Scrambled Eggs and TEEB NABE each with 53 points. There’s Something About Mary River Turtles (well played) just missed a podium spot with 57 points.

Third place went to Titty Roosevelt who only missed 69 by one point. Das Tunnelsnakes put up 81, which is 80 more points than stickers they produced. And Reclusive Wankers walked off with a clean win and 90 points.

Now we get to see how the Brady Street teams handle this week’s questions. If you’re looking to dominate some fools. I suggest being at the Up & Under tonight. All you need is willingness to play and desire to hear 50 questions from Lewis, the man who once said, “Listen, I’m not saying everyone wearing Under Armor is a pedophile, but all pedophiles wear Under Armor.” AND HE WAS NOT WRONG.

The Up & Under show starts 7pm. See you there.

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