Week 4 at the GNP

And now it’s Madison’s turn to face the wrath of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia week four.

I can tell you this about tonight’s showdown, Good Enough is on the prowl. Like the recently declared extinct eastern cougar used to be, which some of you might know as a catamount, or the ghost cat (not to be confused with Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai starring Jet Li and Forest Whitaker), used to be. The occasionally overloaded team is ready to take a win, and tonight might be the night to do it.

To better understand why, let’s look at the other teams. Laura Dern and Her High-Waisted Pants and High Necked Dresses could go either way. They might run the table with you fools, or they might scratch out by round three. Neal of Fortune will be playing with a handicap as Alex and Gabe are off somewhere watching some musician make music from an era after chamber music, but before music was good. This is as close to a handicap as this team ever really gets, so consider that when placing bets.

Tickles for Nickels is not to be counted out, especially if they run in with the Tickles for Nickels expansion pack. Clever Girl as been dipping in and out of podium spots for a few weeks and is due for a top notch finish. And what of the teams that pop in and out, the Guess Harders, Fish Ladies, The Radioactive Tigers, Lady Posse or Hello Clitty –any one of them could show up to take it.

Of course, there is always Spoony Bards. You can liken this team to diabetes or carbon monoxide or a ninja, but what you need to know is they are the silent killers.

So, can Good Enough make tonight their night? We’ll find out soon enough. If you want to see it in person, or foil their attempt. I suggest you join me, Jake and Simon in the basement of the Glass Nickel tonight.

The show starts at 7pm. See you there.

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