Week 4 Keeps Burning

Comin’ in hot off yesterday’s post up which, like bitcoin, attracted weirdos from all corners of the internet. But that’s alright by me as it also brought a few new players to the Company Brewing show last night. And those scores…oooo those scores.

Killer showed up last night, put up a good fight but then got docked for an extra player and ended with 43 points. That saved Mycellia Burns and their 49 points the embarrassment of a last place finish. And it saved Nick from having to handle two tiebreakers as Rooster Cogburn closed out the night with a natural 58.

Back of the Fridge Cheese and their nasty name put up a solid 75, but got beat out by Stormy Daniel Tiger, with their even nastier name and 82 points. What About Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog put 86 on the board but that still wasn’t enough for a podium spot.

Sitting at 103 points it was Tunnelsnakes and Once Brilliant Wankers Previously Known as Detectives. To break the tie Nick brought out a yoga pose physical challenge. And surprise! Kate won. What’s funny about that is Kate isn’t even a natural Tunnelsnake. Imagine Kate’s team was the Titanic. They broke up and sank and Kate was just out there in the ocean floating on a door with the bloated, rotting body of her lover and the putrid smell of death when the Tunnelsnakes as the RMS Carpathia happened by and picked her up. But this was a good grab, because there seems to be nothing she cannot do? Build houses for low income communities all over the world? She’s done it. Knit a hat for my daughter’s giant head? She’s done it. Maintain tree pose longer than Chris? Shit, dogs, she did that last night. NBD. Whatever, Chris won solo last week so he could use a little humbling.

And burying the lead, it was Nickturnal Emissions nabbing the top spot with 116 points.

Tonight we’re floating down the river to the Up & Under on Brady Street. Lewis, the man who once brought a false advertising claim against Buffalo Wild Wings because every one of the birds slaughtered for those wings was 100% cage raised, and as he says “who watches the watchers who are watching the Wild Wings and Weck Watchmen”, will be at the helm. He’ll be setting up 50 questions for teams to knock down, all you have to do is be there. The show starts at 7pm.

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