Week 42. Get it? Forty-two.

OOOOO what a week this has already been for Trivia. We started off at Company Brewing on Monday where those ice cold sonsofbitches on Butthole in One Night Standing Rock Lobster Rolling Rocky Horror Picture Show Me Your Tits & Giggles took home the win with 82 points forcing me to type their increasingly long and exponentially increasingly horrible name another time. Behind them, it was the Tunnel Snakes with 76 points and The Best The 100 Ever who scored 69 (up top, my brother!).

Beauty and the Beast of Bray Road only scored 62, but they certainly won my heart with that name. Hey Beauty and the Beast of Bray Road, you into trivia hosts? At 50 points, it was Emcee Clap Yo Hands featuring Juice Box and Frosty Da Snowman. And Iggles von Humperdinck closed it out with healthy 29 points.

Then last night, we slid the show over to Up & Under where Who Pooped in the Pool cut their losses and ended their game after 5 points. Oye, With The Poodles Already (which I keep reading and re-reading in the voice of Susie Essman’s character in Curb Your Enthusiasm) scraped together 40 points, while Wet Dreamcast and the Goatwhores plopped down 51 and 64 repectively.

Shiva Kamini slid into third place with 73 points. And it all got real tight up top. Trivia Newton John cobbled together a healthy 88 points, only to watch 3 Guys on a Fact Hunt pull out 89 points and take first place. That is some Milton Berle, only-pulling-out-enough-to-win swagger right there. I’m pretty sure that Milton Berle story was about his trivia prowess, right?

Anyway, time stops for no one. The week rolls on and tomorrow night it will be Madison’s chance to shine. If you want to get in the mix, all you have to do is get to Glass Nickel Pizza Thursday night at 7pm.

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