And so, we make it through the third week and into the fourth. To catch everyone up, week three was a banner week for WI Hardest Trivia, one of the worlds best and most unregarded underdogs, TunnelSnakes, did something no other team has done for us so far; they made it to each one of our shows in a week. We’ve never had another team treat us like that before, we like you too TunnelSnakes.

And now for your week three re-cap:

We started the week on Monday like you do, in Tosa. Although this past Monday, a lot of people had an extra case of the Mondays, RDW still welcomed 18 players into its red paint-laden interiors. New team, Pig Newtons intrepidly doubled Current Events to minor effect; team Green Bay & MLK Both Shot Down At The End, doubled 90s Music to even lesser effect, and in round 10, The Oeuver of Miley Cyrus, team Unrecovered Onside doubled to no effect at all. But also in round 10 team, Our Team Has Deserted Us a.k.a TunnelSnakes pt. 1 doubled with a score of 10 and even more strikingly, team Uncles with Benefits doubled WTF in round 9 to get them 16 points and the win. Final line up, Unrecovered Onside in third with 36 points, Green Bay & MLK Both Shot Down At The End in second with 58 points, and Uncles with Benefits to win with 62 points.

Next up was our HUMP DAY show at Nick’s House where Chips blew out his new buddy Panda (speakers), probably by bumping “The Thong Song” by Mark Althavean Andrews at full volume. 17 players showed up to witness that miraculous culling. TunnelSnakes pt. 2 AND Three Guys on a FacTunt BOTH scored a perfect double in round 3, Walking Dead vs, Game of Thrones (nice cat, Chips!). Team C=TM^2 (I think?) doubled Booze Cruise for 12 and Bebier’s Prosthetic Penis doubled Celebrity Lock Up for 18. Final scores at this show were team C=TM^2 in third with 79(4?), Three Guys on a FacTunt in second with 85 and TUNNELSNAKES pt. 2 in firstsies with 97.

Finally we made it to Thursday with our senior most shows at Glass Nickle Pizza Co. on Atwood Ave. in Madison WI, and THE Tracks Tavern on Humboldt and Locust in RIVERWEST, WI. What everyone needs to know here is that a) Gurggles was sick as EFF and b) that Big Mitts Barth was only bought one “shot of the week” at THE Tracks and TUNNELSNAKES STILL SHOWED UP TO BOTH SHOWS. George’s Bush, Neal of Fortune, Laura Dern & the High-Waisted Shorts, Never Nudes, and Slutty MLK ALL doubled round 1, Arrested Development, with Neal of Fortune and  Laura Dern & the High-Waisted Shorts both scoring perfect doubles. Everyone else at that show doubled The Oeuver of Miley Cyrus with 18 points apiece. TunnelSnakes pt. 3 grabbed 3rd at that show with 73 points, Laura Dern & the High-Waisted Shorts in second with 83 and Neal of Fortune took first with 99 points.

Tracks had an exciting night; TunnelSnakes pt. 1.2 came out and Tit’s & Giggles scored a perfect double with Arrested Development. Three teams doubled What’s in the Vulva (Venn diagrams for the lame) each with minor effect. AND THEN at the end of the night, Wilson and Tits & Giggles faced-off Travolta/ Cage-style with a tiebreaker question about Shaquille O’Neal WHICH T’s n G’s won! The end result was Cocking Jay Pt. 1 in third with 77, Wilson in second with 82 and Tit’s & Giggles in first with 83 points.

And so, the end result of the night is TunnelSnakes wins out over everyone. Not only did their various and sundry present and former members all make it out to one of our shows this week, they placed in 2/4 of those venues. Proving with unequivocal conviction, that this team is the official WI Hardest Trivia Dark Horse.

This has been an update about week three at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia 2015.  One Love.


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