Welcome to Week 41


Big weekend, am I right?

Listen, I know deep down we are all the undecided voters in the audience of the second presidential debate. It’s a tough one. That’s why trivia is here. Each week we bring our mildly progressive, overwhelmingly asshole-ish and naively privileged view of the world to you. Not just to influence elections, but to set the agenda for the business meeting of life.

Example one: Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia has single-handedly raised the profile of Wolves In The Throne album covers from “completely unknown” to “I feel like I’ve seen that before”.


Example two: We presented a spoiler-filled category on the Full House reboot, Fuller House, sponsored by Netflix and Disaronno Italian Liqueur, and the shows viewership in Wisconsin collapsed. When polled by Netflix and Disaronno Italian Liqueur, the most common response from potential viewers as to why they haven’t completed the series was, “That ‘holy chalupas’ line is hokey as fuck. Also, it’s not very good at all.”


Example three: 96% of all enet searches for “That art with the shark in a tank” come from Wisconsin.


So now you come here wondering, “what are the hot topics this week?” I mean, how are we ever going to top last week’s Wheel of Sex Toys? Well, it’s simple. There will be plenty of talk about the Ramones. Then, maybe something on Gremlins. And to keep it light, maybe something on the skeletal system.
Now, you just need to gather up your knowledge, get your team together and get down to the Up & Under on Brady street. Trivia kicks off at 7pm with celebrity guest host Andy Berg and Lewis, the man who invented Harrison Ford with an earring. There will be questions. There will be answers. There will be prizes. Just make sure you’re there too.

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    Actually I didn’t understand what you want to tell !!

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