What up with that league over there, my man?

I’m getting a lot of questions at the Madison shows about when we’re starting the summer league. And every time I have to tell them, “Patience, players.”

First off, it’s not even summer outside yet. We’re still over here fucking about with 6 straight days of rain and temps somewhere between freezing and a moist 80. I’m out here mowing my dandelion field of a lawn while wearing period matching HBC blanket coat and beaver pelt hat. Plus, summer doesn’t really start until like June 31st. Plus, I still owe Neal of Fortune their prizes from the last league ( and like 3 times ago). And the biggest plus is the teams at Company Brewing in Milwaukee are currently in the throes of a league.

I can’t tell you who’s winning in that league because I haven’t checked. I assume it’s Inclusive Wankers, or Theirs Something About Merrimac and Beautiful Lake Attitash, or Best Best Buy By a Best Western Ever, or really any team. I just hope it’s not Das Funnelcakes.

That said, any team could walk into tonight’s show, perform a little trivia jujitsu on Nick and walk out winners. They could do that while drinking a couple pints of Company Brewing’s finest ales or lagers. They could even do that while eating some of the Company Brewing kitchen’s finest appetizers or entrees. All they would have to do is show up at Company Brewing in Riverwest, tonight, get a solid team together and know a little bit about things like Official State Animals, Napoleon and Nursery Rhymes.

The show starts at 7pm. See you there.  


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