WHT vs GBP 2017

Tonight we test the commitment of the Madison teams. Will they be flexing their brains at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia? Or, will they be ripping through a few twelvers with some friends and watching this Packers battle the Bears, like a bunch of chumps?

Well, if these teams care about their standings in the league, they’ll be playing trivia. Or maybe they’ll come to play trivia to get away from the ridiculousness of sports and jersey wearing and poorly made guacamole and shotgunned beers.

I don’t blame you you. No one blames you. Life is too short for trash guac. That said, I would sit through an chopped version of Transparent that was just the Sarah storyline if the guac is good enough. 

Whatever your reason for playing trivia tonight, Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia welcomes you to the basement of Glass Nickel Pizza tonight and every Thursday night. There is no guac, but the pizzas are pretty good, there are are plenty of drinks and I’m sure jake can keep you posted on the football game scores.

All you have to do is grab a few friends and get to Glass Nickel Pizza, and grab a table.The show starts at 7pm.

See you there.  

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