Your Week 31 Preview

After a big weekend Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia is back in action. Nick spent the last few days in the throes of the Riverwest 24, and because I’m on the text thread I got 500 messages about him doing wheelies and endos and laying down some pretty sweet skids.

There could be worse threads to be on, really.

I, on the other hand, was deep in Alex and Gabe’s wedding. Which did not shy away from their trivia origin story. Everyone was talking about. It was the entertainment at their rehearsal dinner. EVEN THE RABBI MENTIONED IT.

Back to the Riverwest 24. As far as I know, Nick’s hot laps did not burn down all of Riverwest, so he’ll be hosting tonight’s show at Company Brewing. I can also mention with certainty that we will be discussing Lawn Games, TrTIMEavel, and the Legally Blonde-iverse.

If any or all or none of those seem like your bag, I suggest you get down to Company Brewing, get yourself a couple pints of Chumbawumba fuel and get ready to rip through 50 questions and answers.

The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


  1. David

    What the hell is TrTIMEavel? Time in travel? Travel about time? I’d have gone with TIMtravelingE. You can pronounce that if you want and the wordplay makes more sense.

    1. greg


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